• Vintage Inspired Cloche Hat with a print and fabric which is so extraordinary.

    A beautiful chiffon scarf is married to a Water Color Print Cloche to offer you a 1920s fashion hat that will make a statement from afar. Designed to bring up the echos of the past, this white cloche hat is reminiscent of speakeasies and the men who were easy on the eyes that ran them. While you might be hard-pressed to find such an establishment now, you can channel the fun and fashion of 1920s with these flapper accessories. Go ahead and treat yourself; you deserve some roaring fun when you don flapper hat to create your very own declaration of decadedence.
    This bespoke hat features the following handcrafted details:
    Style: Isabella’s Cloche Hat
    Measurements: 22 1/2 to 23 inches
    Clothe: Medium weight Cotton/linen
    Chiffon handmade scarf for hat.
  • Organza Brooch Pin

    These fun Corsage's will turn heads.
    The organza is measured in layers and ironed to curl then attached to a pin.
  • Feminine Bucket Hat

  • lady and Her Hats Story

    As we age,
    Every day is a Lesson,
    Grow and be the best you can be.
    I enjoy the journey with creative works that put joy into my ❤️ and now on your head.
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